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So last night I got drunk and played Skyrim





I’m still torn on whether this is the greatest thing I’ve ever done or the stupidest. 

















#this makes me want to pay skyrim like no ad ever did

as in all Elder Scrolls games: “What main quest?”

I have never had interest in Skyrim until now.  If games were marketed like this, I would play them.



there he go

back at it again at konoha village


when you almost drop something on the ground but you catch it in time



when u see a spider but after 5 seconds it disappears 


sasuke langley sohryu: theres probably just a random hot topic in the middle of the ninja universe
sasuke langley sohryu: how else can chuunin exam sasuke be explained

L/Sasuke´s crossover by Sabako.

Good pick up line #58


"My favorite character is Sasuke Uchiha."

turmoilengage asked: So you've provided what proof Tena told someone to kill themselves? Because last I checked, calling someone out meant making a show of proof to back your claims. Or were we just going to assume that no one on this website (or in the fucking world, for that matter) has ever lied to hurt someone else? And if there weren't a character limit for asks, I would have addressed all of it. I will back up Tena til the day I die, because she's actually trying to end all the hate you pass around.





I told myself I would ignore this child’s whining tripe, but honestly, I want this to go on record, and in his tracked tag, so here’s a truth bomb:

You are an ignorant piece of garbage who thinks that it’s okay to tell people to kill themselves.

You are a legitimately terrible person, and a prime example of why people hate Bronies.

After rereading what the human shaped pile of garbage that is TFV said, I don’t see how she’s being “pushed over the edge”. Kawaii-horse was in no way aggressive, abusive or even disrespectful, especially relative to TFLVPR

"Pushed over the edge," that’s her excuse? 

jfc that woman. I seriously cannot stomach her fucking condescension novellas.

Isn’t it cute that they try to equate one instance of saying “Maybe you’ll wander in front of an oncoming bus” with literally threatening to kill other people, telling them to kill themselves, wishing they would be raped or murdered, wishing death upon their family members (including wishing death on someone’s infant child), trying to get someone’s husband deported out of the country, and threatening to “rape someone up the ass with a knife”?

Need I bring this out again?

The images linked above include instances of death threats (including over something as pointless as the nominations in a fandom poll), people harassing voice actress Nicole Oliver on Thanksgiving Day, and numerous threats of violence against others.

Meanwhile, I’ve curiously never seen a single one of you produce evidence of the “threats” and “harassment” you claim to receive.  That sure is strange, isn’t it?  After all, if you really did receive such threats, one would think you’d take it seriously enough to at least screencap it, if not publish it for all eyes to see.  Meanwhile, there’s plenty of proof of the bullshit you people pull on a daily basis.

Then there’s the fact that people in your corner have been caught creating complete lies in order to demonize this fan base.  Someone actually made up a fake story about the attempted abduction/sexual assault of a little girl, which was later thoroughly disproven.  Please - do try to justify that.  While you’re at it, how about you also justify how you can continue to bully guys for watching a cartoon after a little boy literally tried to kill himself over the exact behavior that you’re so hellbent on perpetuating.  And then, to make matters worse, you actually fucking tried to sabotage the charity drive to save his life.

What is honestly pathetic as hell here is that you’re blowing out of proportion a single instance to try to “discredit” me, when your own behavior is so beyond out of control that even people that don’t like bronies are now calling you out on your bullshit.  You are reaching so outrageously fucking far to find a reason to claim the “evil” of someone that it’s honestly the saddest shit I have ever seen.

And, by the way, coronaryay, way to not mention at all that you literally stalked my blog to quote a post from earlier today (because it wasn’t tagged with anything that anyone would be searching, unless they knew my specific, personal tags).  It has been MONTHS, and you seriously are STILL stalking my blog, looking for any ammunition you can to try to keep your crumbling little boat of self-righteous hatred afloat.

Face it, kids:  If you were really secure in your statements, you wouldn’t be panicking.  You know you’re losing support, and you know that the rest of the world is catching wind of your bullshit.  People are abandoning your petty little parade, and it frightens you, and angers you.

People that know that what they’re doing is wrong will always go to ridiculous lengths to justify it.

Thanks for displaying that so perfectly.



oh my god my sides
how does she make that sound


oh shit


i legit want this on the wall somewhere in my livingroom


dammit sasuke

SJWS: lmao why do you people believe these troll sj's, are you guys rllly that desperate
SJWS: *reblogs fake rape statistics*
SJWS: *reblogs fake story that has been proven wrong 2 years ago*
SJWS: *reblogs from idislikecispeople*

manushya-rakshasikin-deactivate asked: You do realize that being cisphobic isn't justified and you are only making it harder for us to be accepted in the real world. Not all cisgenders hate us, many of them are very accepting and one day I believe almost all of them will see us as just another person. But if you continue to spread the same hate that they do, then that day gets farther and farther away. Please, stop treating cisgenders like this. It really isn't right.



>You do realize that being cisphobic isn’t justified

oh really? because having to hide the fact that i’m trans every day for fear of being bullied, harassed, or murdered because of it is in no way justifiable of my silly little quips against cis people

>Not all cisgenders

not all men, not all abusers, not all murderers, “cisgenders” hah

>But if you continue to spread the same hate that they do

not even close but nice try


lmfao, you sound so much like a cis person that it’s painfully obvious that you’re an MRA/patriarchy supporting transphobic anti-sjw. please give back your trans card, it seems that you stole it from someone


"kitself pronouns"

"you’re an MRA/patriarchy supporting transphobic anti-sjw"

"please give back your trans card"


"i like anime, cartoons, and acting like a child sometimes"


Would you like to reword that last part?







So glad to see that the founder of feministing.com is doing her part to help women against feminism by showing everyone exactly what a feminist looks like.

The immaturity of these feminists makes me gag.

yes, let’s demonize men’s emotions and shame them for experiencing basic human feelings that can’t POSSIBLY have any negative consequences

"You’re so ignorant! Feminism isn’t about hating men!"

Then tell dumb people like this to stop posting things like this. People don’t distrust feminism because they hate women or don’t know what feminism is. It’s because of people like Valenti makes stupid sexist comments under the feminist name. After her tweet how men can’t be rape victims, I’m not surprised of this little stunt. Bigoted feminism needs to be criticized, no excuses!  



You know, reading this woman’s book, it’s nice to see pictures like this show up on my dash. Just to remind me that, while she make make a good point every eight to ten pages, she’s really just a fucking cunt.